Frequently Ask Questions

The project from where we can produce the construction material brick without polluting nature.

There are many reasons based on many parameters like Size, Color, Production Season, Capacity, Automation, Eco Friendly etc.

  • Coarse Sand
  • Local sand
  • Gravel Stone
  • Cement
  • Chemical (Admixer)
  • Stone Dust

There are diiferent Processes based on the setups. But in general, the steps are below:
  • Batching Plant Section
  • Automatic Mixer Section
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Host Machine Section where the main work will be done
  • Chemical (Admixer)
  • Automatic Stacker

Basically, our machine has a lifetime for 10-12 years but it will depend on the maintenances

We have total of 20 projects thought the whole country.

We are the enginering farm where all engineers always look for better services.We use:
  • Motors from Siemens, Germany
  • PLC from Siemens, Germany
  • Hydraulic Unit from YUKEN, Japan
  • All electric Components from Schneider, France
Many more important parts from various famous places.

We are an Engineering farm where we have more than 40 BSc engineers. Altogether, we are a balanced team. We have A-Z solutions from Automatic Concrete Block Machine Sectors.

In general, 8-10 workers are more than enough form this kind of projects.

  • Raw Material Section
  • Production Section
  • Green Brick Section
  • Curing Section
  • Finished Goods Section
  • Car Parking Sections
  • Product Display Section
  • Lab Rooms
  • Office Rooms