AXIS Energy Ltd.

We supply, installation and service of concrete block machine



We refer to the process of integrating concrete block project measures into the design and layout of projects and facilities.


Supplying the concrete block-making machines as per the work order time frame is one of the strongest strategies.


Automatic Concrete Block Machine installation refers to the process of installing block-making systems and equipment within a project.

Operator Training

Regular Maintenance is essential to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the Concrete Block Making Project.

Quality & Customization

We Provide Very good quality concrete Block machines as per the customer needs and future business predictions for the better of the customers.


We, Axis Energy Limited a sister concern of AXIS Triangle Group started our journey in 2014 as Electro-Mechanical Engineering Farm. We are well known in Bangladesh for supplying the Customized Automatic Concrete Block making machines with the best quality. Our group has the USGBC & LEED Green certifications. Our sister’s concerns do various works. Axis Safety Engineering Limited is well renowned in the market as a hub from where industries can get solutions for Fire Safety Systems including Electrical Systems. We have an Industry named SAJAN Metal Industry from where we manufacture various types of metal products like, fire doors, industrial racks, furniture, utilities for hospitals and educational institutes etc. Triangle Engineers are responsible for many mechanical consultancies. Hadid Global Limited is famous for its supply of the accessories in engineering sector. We have a technical School which is connected to the Technical Education Board. Students get knowledge from there for free. We are trusted by more than 300+ clients such as Unilever, Vivo, Rotax, Meghna, RAK etc. You are welcome to have a cup of tea/coffee in our corporate office in Uttara.

Why Axis Energy Limited is the best to supply, install and service of concrete block machine?

Axis Energy Limited provides block machines which are made with german technology. This strategic decision allows us to offer superior quality, precision, and efficiency in our machines.

Axis Energy Limited is committed to using robust and durable materials in block machines. By incorporating strong materials into our design and construction, our machines guarantee longevity, resilience, and stability. Trust in Axis Energy Limited for block machines built to last with strong and reliable materials

Axis Energy Limited is known for its beautiful design of block machines. Combining functionality with aesthetics, these machines have sleek and visually appealing designs that enhance the overall appeal of any construction site or manufacturing facility.

Axis Energy Limited prioritizes exceptional after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team is committed to providing prompt and reliable support for any inquiries, technical assistance, or maintenance needs related to their block machines. With a strong focus on customer care, Axis Energy Limited goes the extra mile to address concerns, offer guidance, and provide timely solutions